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catchy_punk's Journal

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Heres a community for people into earlier incarnations of punk and the genres which influenced it , as well as genres somewhat interconnected with it . Discussion of bands that influenced punk + discussion of older , non-punk bands with some musical similarities IS encouraged . Fans of power pop , glam , and garage are more than welcome . This ISN'T a place to talk about crust , hardcore , and anarcho-punk , nor should it be a breeding ground for political activism !!! Believe what you want , just don't preach to us , ok ? And don't spam us with your pseudo gothic lolita or shitty , uber crafty diy auctions either - doing so will swiftly ban your sorry ass . THIS IS NOT AN EBAY COMMUNITY .

Other than that the rules are pretty simple . Know your music , have some style , keep it catchy , and keep it real . Membership is open for now , but as the community grows a bunch of idiots that just don't get it ( and never will ) are bound to sign up , so eventually membership will be subject to approval .

!action pact!, '77 punk, 101'ers, 1977, 4skins, 60s garage, 70s glam, 999, abrasive wheels, adam and the ants, angelic upstarts, anti-nowhere league, anti-pasti, athletico spizz 80, avengers, billy idol, blitz, blondie, boomtown rats, chelsea, chron gen, cockney rejects, cocksparrer, crux, cyanide, david bowie, dead boys, decry, early rock & roll, eater, eddie and the hotrods, fetish fashion, funeral dress, garage rock, gbh, generation x, guitar gangsters, hammersmith gorillas, hasil atkins, hollywood brats, iggy and the stooges, iggy pop, infa-riot, johnny rotten, junk shop glam, madness, magazine, mc5, menace, merton parkas, milk'n'cookies, mo-dettes, mod revival, modern lovers, mods, nasty facts, newton neurotics, nikki and the corvettes, no future, ny dolls, oi!, penetration, post-punk, power pop, psychobilly, punk fashion, punk style, punks, radio birdman, resistance 77, riot city, rockabilly, rolling stones, sham 69, siouxsie and the banshees, skinheads, slade, slaughter & the dogs, spizzenergi, stiff little fingers, subcultures, suburban studs, subway sect, surf, swell maps, t-rex, television, tenpole tudor, the adverts, the boys, the business, the buzzcocks, the carpettes, the chords, the clash, the crack, the cramps, the damned, the defects, the depressions, the doll, the drones, the ejected, the english beat, the expelled, the faces, the fall, the heartbreakers, the iguanas, the in-betweens, the jam, the kids, the knack, the lambrettas, the lurkers, the maniacs, the modernettes, the nerves, the nips, the novas, the outcasts, the partisans, the purple hearts, the ramones, the raped, the raspberries, the revillos, the rezillos, the romantics, the ruts, the saints, the sex pistols, the slits, the soft boys, the sonics, the specials, the stranglers, the sweet, the undertones, the v.i.p.'s, the vibrators, the violators, toy dolls, two-tone, uk subs, uk82, ultravox!, velvet underground, wire, x-ray spex